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Give your customers the most popular sport in the world by subscribing to Sportsnet World for the Barclays Premier League, UEFA Champions League, FA Cup with Budweiser and more. For more information on how to get live soccer events in your business, click here.

Liga Portugal

Sport TV Américas, is a dedicated sports channel for the Portuguese diaspora in North America. The channel was launched in partnership with American Portuguese-language broadcaster SPT TV. It airs live soccer matches every week from the Portuguese First & Second divisions as well as coverage of the League Cup and Portuguese Cup. Soccer programming on Sport TV Américas includes:

  • Liga ZON Sagres (5 matches per week)
  • Segunda Liga (2 matches per week)
  • Taça de Portugal
  • Taça da Liga


This classic game is wildly popular around the world. Do your business a favor and pick up Sportsnet World in your bar so you can start showing the Heineken Cup, Guinness Premiership, RaboDirect Pro12 and more. For more information on rugby, click here.

Gaelic Football & Hurling

Gaelic football and hurling are two of the most popular sports in Ireland, and hurling is the oldest known field sport in the world, with a history older than Ireland itself. Counties across Ireland and Northern Ireland compete in various leagues, including the club championships and the All Ireland series. These Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA) games are available delayed on Sportsnet World, so order the channel for your business today to access these great events. More information on GAA sports in your bar can be found here.