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Frequently Asked Questions


How does Premium Sports work?

Premium Sports is a service available primarily to bars and restaurants. We sell premium sports packages such as NHL Centre Ice, NFL Sunday Ticket, the Super Sports Pak, Leafs TV and the Sportsnet World Channel.

We also offer certain PPV sports events sold both individually and in packages. There is no monthly fee, but a special set of IPTV equipment is required. For more information about what you need to broadcast live events in your bar or restaurant, call us at 877-871-1122.

Can I get Premium Sports at home?

Yes! All of our regularly scheduled programming is available online at UStream. This includes the GAA Championship, Scottish FA Cup, and Cooperative Insurance Cup. Sepcial events that are available online include the RBS 6 Nations and the GAA National League, both starting in early February 2011. Both of these are available as a specially discounted season package only at UStream.

Online viewing is for residential use only, and any business found in violation of this rule will be prosecuted. For more information on watching live Premium Sports events online, click here.

In which countries is Premium Sports available?

Premium Sports is currently operating in the United States and Canada, as well as the Caribbean and Bermuda.

Click here to visit the website for Premium Sports in the United States.

How much does Premium Sports cost?

Commercial prices vary, so call us for a quote at 877-871-1122.

For prices on matches to be watched at home, please read more here.

How can I stay up to date with Premium Sports?

Bookmark our schedule page and visit often.

You can get periodic updates about upcoming events and last-minute changes by following us on Twitter. To start your free Twitter account, click here. Then visit our Twitter feed and click "follow" to begin receiving updates.

If you would like to receive periodic text messages about newly acquired events or updates to our live events, log in and click on the Settings link in the upper right corner, and then the Devices tab that appears. We do not expect to send more than one text message a week. Standard text messaging rates apply, but we will not charge you and neither will Twitter.

Check out the text messaging FAQs for Twitter if you have other questions. If you think it is a question more suited to Premium Sports, email us or call 877-871-1122.

You can also become a fan of Premium Sports on Facebook. If your business has a profile on Facebook, "share" our feeds to keep your customers updated. You can find our profile here.

What should I do if I'm experiencing technical problems?

All problems with the IPTV decoder used for individual pay-per-view sports events in your bar or restaurant should be reported to 888-738-2682.

Ustream users should visit Ustream's Help Center.

What are your terms?

Our terms can be found here.

I don't see the answer to my question.

Call us toll-free at 877-871-1122 on Monday through Friday from 7 am to 4 pm Pacific. (This is 10 am to 7 pm Eastern time.)